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KM & IFADAsia Network Training Workshop


The first IFADAsia workshop is being held here in Jakarta with the participation of field representatives from IFAD investments and grants projects.

Discussions, exercises and energizers are helping all of us to understand the importance of sharing and managing our knowledge and find new ways to improve networking and communication among the different actors involved in our every day work.

Yesterday, the Social Network Mapping exercise opened up interesting exchanges that led to team reflections and future planning.

A good example is represented by Ms Diah Wurjandari from the Bogor Rice Research Center and Mr Anjasmara from the Rural Empowerment for Agricultural Development Project in Sulawesi that plan to support each other as of 2013. 

Farmers' Organisations representatives are also willing to find new ways to improve their activity within the regional platform to help them profit from other regional colleagues experience.

All background documents and pictures will be uploaded soon in our resource section! 

Follow us as we get more and more involved in the IFADAsia Indonesia site and country programme! L


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