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Display Date: 6/1/12

Dear KM Focal Points,

Greetings from Mumbai..!

It is very surprizing that our KM Focal points not updating information and taking part to initate discussion, sharing news and resources across our project. I think India Country Programme was one lead in keeping portal and sharing forum alive. I am sure implementation have taken up speed but somehow we all need keep sharing our learnings and experiences including small small events. If you look at the our KM Focal points from other countries is amazingly posting the updates, even the resourceful documents and so on. 

It is the best platform to learm from peers and share with peers so please do update you project page and country pages.

There is also possibility that few of the KM Focal Points are earlier working with us are not associated the programme but rest of the people who are there for quite long time need to lead the agenda and request IFAD ICO for training if any required or train your new peers on using our portal.

Hope You all are doing amazing work

With Warm Regards

Dilipsing Bayas


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