Setting up your site

Anyone can be the host of a site within IFADAsia; if you are interested in playing this role for a particular country or project site please either contact your CPM, Project Director or the IFADAsia team.


The role of a site host includes the development of your country or project community, which can take up as much time as you wish, but as a basic minimum you will need to spend time setting up your site, and then checking and maintaining it on a regular basis.

1. Setting up your site

As a site host there are a number of things you can do immediately to set up your site.

Provide content to the Regional Administrator
Add pages and content to the 'About' section
Set up the 'Team' in your 'People' page
Set up Collections in your Resources Library

2. Regular responsibilities of a site host

Checking for membership and content promotion requests
Checking content for Metadata, relevancy and appropriateness


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sometimes adding new images doesn't work. Can anybody suggest a solution?

Posted on 3/31/16 5:30 PM.

I think it is already solved that the image is automatically cropped or resized according to the site requirements. I have not got any problem now. Thank you,
Pashupati Koirala, Nepal

Posted on 3/12/17 8:13 AM in reply to Abdul Karim.