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Fiji's new development model: Green growth, leave no Fijian behind

Display Date: 6/6/15

Fiji commits itself to a 'Leave no Fijian behind' approach according to the Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama in a statement made at the launch of the Green Growth Framework in Suva on 1 June.  According to the Fiji Times, the Prime Minister echoed this statement when he opened the National Environment Week in Valelevu earlier yesterday.

Speaking of the Green Growth Framework the Prime Minister emphasized that with the Framework and with the five-year and 20-year national development plans that will have its principles at their core, his Government is forging a new development model — one that is more holistic, integrated, inclusive and above all sustainable.

He spoke to students at Valelevu informing them that sustainable development " means that everything we do as a nation — every project we undertake — only goes ahead if it doesn't damage the environment".  He told the audience that Fijians should "never use any resource — whether it is our trees on land or our fish at sea — unless we leave enough of them so they can still grow in sufficient numbers to be able to use them again. And to keep using them as the years go by." 

"The entire ethos of my Government is to leave no Fijian behind and to meet the needs and aspirations of everyone. So our vision for national development is, above all, an inclusive one — to forge a national consensus that the best way for Fiji to move forward is to ensure that no project gets the green light unless it passes the sustainability test and is in the interest of all Fijians.


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