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Final design for Yunnan Agricultural and Rural Improvement Program (YARIP)

Sun Yinhong


In collaboration with FAO Investment Center, IFAD is deploying the final design mission for Yunnan Agricultural and Rural Improvement Program (YARIP), with a total investment of US$ 97 million including US$ 47 million loan from IFAD.

YARIP is the second intervention of IFAD in the Province of Yunnan, with the previous operation closed in 2000 in 4 counties in Simao Prefecture. YARIP builds on the design of this previous IFAD operation (crops, livestock, roads) and proposes additional activities for enhanced rural livelihood improvement. The program will focus on three componnents: a) Community Infrastructure Improvement (rural roads, sanitation and drinking water); b) Agricultural Productivity Enhancement (irrigation, crops, livestocks); c) Market Access.   YARIP will be implemented in 10 remote counties of Yunnan province with high ethinic minority population composition.  The project will promote the production and value add of locally advantaged crop and livestock varieties while improving accessibility to markets.  Building on the IFAD experiences in the previous IFAD projects, supporting to farmer cooperatives will be given due focus in YARIP.


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