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Promoting partnerships and knowledge sharing to meet SDG1 and SDG2

IFAD Headquarters, Rome
Daniela Marra
Governments are in the driver’s seat when it comes to meeting SDG1 (No Poverty) and SDG2 (Zero Hunger). Many of them have developed successful policies, programmes and strategies that are already lifting people out of poverty and hunger and can serve as examples for others, especially in countries with similar socio-cultural and economic backgrounds. At the same time, governments are increasingly interested in exploring what development solutions have worked elsewhere in the Global South and how these can be adapted to their own contexts to guide their poverty reduction and hunger eradication strategies.
Sharing experiences, lessons learned and best practices among countries with similar contexts and challenges is a key driver of change when it comes to poverty eradication. While poverty reduction has gained global attention, efficiency must be improved through better collaboration and cooperative partnerships, including among international development agencies and governments. Innovative international cooperation is necessary to build stronger partnerships and accelerate progress towards ending poverty and hunger worldwide.
The international workshop Promoting partnerships and knowledge sharing to meet SDG1 and SDG2 will engage countries and development partners in a discussion on how to enhance knowledge sharing and establish efficient exchange mechanisms to promote the realization of 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, and in particular of SDGs 1 and 2. The goal is to:
• Discuss efficient models, practices and policies for poverty and hunger eradication
• Strengthen the exchange of good practices in poverty and hunger eradication among countries
• Promote cooperation and partnerships among international agencies supporting poverty reduction and hunger eradication agendas
• Build a network on poverty reduction, involving governments, agencies, civil society and the private sector.
It is intended that similar events will be organized regularly to sustain the partnership and knowledge sharing experiences.
- Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations
- International Fund for Agricultural Development
- World Food Programme
- International Poverty Reduction Center in China
- China Internet Information Centre

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