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Knowledge Needs Assessment

Display Date: 2/13/12

Tejaswini Rural Women Empowerment Programme - Maharashtra is operational in 33 rural districts of Maharashtra. The coverage area is very huge, the number of SHGs are large.  Several activities are being undertaken under the programme. 

Capturing the  knowledge need is also a great challaneg,  I therefore like you to share if any project did a Knowledge Needs Assessment.   Please share the ToR, reports etc. related to KNA.



Dear Madam,

I think instead of Knowledge Need Assessment, you can undertake Knowledge Attitude Practice Survey (KAPS).
In my personal opinion as MAVIM has conducted various training programme to build the capacity of its stakeholders and crossed the mid term review as well. It would nice to undertake KAPS survey the plan Knowledge management interventions accordingly for remaining project tenure. UNDP and IFAD has conducted such studies it may help you. You need TOR of studies conducted i.e. KAPS I can share them (available one).

Judith and Madam Chase can share their opinion on the same.

With regards

Posted on 2/13/12 10:04 AM.

Der Dilip,

Thank you for suggestion. Surely such study can be undertaken. It would be grateful iof you could share the ToR.


with regards,


Posted on 2/15/12 6:17 AM in reply to Dilipsing Bayas.

Dear Madam,

please find below links for ToR



with regards

Posted on 2/21/12 7:10 AM in reply to Ashwini T. Jathar.

Dear Dilip,

Thank you for the information and the link.

with best wishes,


Posted on 2/23/12 7:57 AM in reply to Dilipsing Bayas.


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