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First Issue China Agriculture Investment Express Released

Display Date: 7/15/11

Guangzhou, Guangdong-- (SBWIRE) -- 07/11/2011 --

CCM’s first issue of China Agriculture Investment Express has been released recently.

China Agriculture Investment Express, a bi-monthly newsletter published by CCM, offers you the first hand information of Chinese agricultural industry from aspects of policy and legislation, industrial dynamics, company dynamics, price update, and future trend.

Covering the field of pesticides, intermediates of pesticides, adjuvant, seeds, fertilizers, edible oil and foodstuffs, China Agriculture Investment Express is great for any agricultural companies and researchers who aim to accelerate agriculture development in China. Provided enterprises dynamic, M&A dynamic and analysis, central and local policy analysis and price update, investors can be refreshed by the latest news about China’s agricultural industry.

With the help of China Agriculture Investment Express, you might trace the latest M&A event for your wise business decision. By analyzing the accurate market data, you can predict the future trend and make changes on the company strategies so as to avoid the potential business risks. What’s more, you can discover the influence on the whole industry given by M&A event and know the insiders’ opinions about the latest policies and events.

Main content in the First issue of China Agriculture Investment Express:
-8 measures promoting China agricultural products logistics
-Policies on foreign investment in China stricter
-Laws and regulations on food safety accelerate M&A in food industry
-Phosphorus ore resource draws wide attention
-M&A to continue in feed industry
-M&A in global agricultural industry increasing
-Two listed pesticide companies transformed into mining corp.
-Major domestic M&A in pesticide industry
-Shandong Kingenda seeks M&A
-COFCO further strengthens and expands wine market
-Bright Food shows ambition in domestic and overseas M&A
-Longping High-Tech: road to industry consolidation
-China BlueChemical to strengthen profitability through acquisition



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