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First message as new Country Manager for the China Program

Children learn and socialize in a public school classroom in Lianwu village, Nanxu town, Longan county, West Guangxi, China (Photo credit: Susan Beccio)It’s with a great pleasure that I post my first message as new Country Manager for the China Program. I am extremely honoured by this new assignment, and excited by the challenges and opportunities that developing and implementing this country program offer.

I am also very happy to have the opportunity to work closely with three colleagues of mine - Sun Yinhong, Liu Ke and Han Lei - of whom I received many positive references and feedback, and I hope our interaction would allow us to learn and benefit from each other, and would result in mutual personal enrichment and professional growth.

I have recently come back from my first mission to China, where I had the opportunity to participate to the Mid-Term Review of our Country Strategy (COSOP), to the final design of a new project in the Luoxiao Mountain Block Area in the Jiangxi Province (the Jiangxi Mountainous Areas Agribusiness Promotion Project, or JiMAAPP), and to the inception mission of a new project in the Liupan Mountain Area of the Qinghai Province (the Qinghai Liupan Mountain Area Poverty Reduction Project) - and I was impressed by the potential of this country, the capacity of its people, and the earnestness of the Government. All ingredients for a successful program.

It’s too early to make any statement on my personal vision or strategy for this country program. I will spend the first months of my new assignment to listen and learn, and will ask for your help and support to learn and understand fast. Please, feel free to openly share your views and ideas, as I believe that sharing our ideas and opinions and confronting our points of view is the basis for improving.

Overall, an exciting beginning. I look forward to more...

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