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Bhutan+10: Panel Discussions of Gender Issues Continued

/c/document_library/get_file?uuid=b9aa9a1d-9900-4f1c-a8b3-f9603177f754&groupId=12834Bhutan+10: Panel Discussions of Gender Issues Continued


The conference entitled Bhutan+10: Gender and Sustainable Mountain Development in a Changing World moved produtively. There were 4 parallel panel discussions for the third day, including gender and income generation, gender and REDD, gender and climate change adaptation in different ecosystems, gender and water, gender and Indigenous knowledge, gender and Forest, gender, atmosphere and Carbon in a changing climate, gender and agriculture, gender, development policies and best practices, gender and migration, gender and adaptation to climate change.


After the parallel panels, a grassroots forum was opened where grassroots demonstrated their efforts made to empower mountain women for inclusive community developement


The conference was very informative, broadening gender eyes for the participants.


The conference bulletin is attached.


Below are a few more thoughts share regarding gender and agricultural and rural development

  • It is important that stakeholders like the policy makers, extensionists, researchers and mountain women to take the ownership and work together for mountain women empowerment
  • Participatory community farmer education with gender sensibility is a powerful tool to supplement formal education, contributing to rural poor poverty alleviation by using bottom-up approach for policy influence.
  • Sustainability of the best practices for mountain women inclusive development is crucial, especially for those successful international agricultural and rural development projects which have piloted best and innovative practices.
  • The livelihoods of the mountain women greatly link with the availability of the natural resources, improving the economic resilience is needed by diversifying income generation resources.



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