Interview with Moni Ung
This interview was given as part of the COSOP review workshop on December 20th 2011.
Interview with farmer from Svay-Rieng Province (in Khmer)
This video was taken by one of the social reporters of the Cambodia COSOP review working in December 19th 2011.
Interview with Sakphouseth Meng
This interview with IFAD's Cambodia Country Operations Officer, Sakphouseth Meng was filmed during the Cambodia COSOP review workshop in December 2011. Seth talks about his role within the Country Programme and also about some of the most important topics discussed during the workshop.
Knowledge Creation with Creative Problem Solving
Andy Burnett of KnowInnovation talks to IFADAsia about Creative Problem Solving, how it is being used in the Cambodia COSOP review workshop, and generally about how it fits within the sphere of knowledge sharing.
Agricultural marketing and climate change
The farmer in Prey Veng province from Rural Poverty Reduction Project (RPRP) tells her experience on agricultural marketing and impact and adaptation of climate change.
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