Programme Based Approach IFAD Cambodia Thematic Workshop 2012
This voxpop focuses on the programme based approach and the farmers ideas on developing national level activities.This is a VoxPop made with farmer communities of future PADEE projects. These voxpops were used in the workshops of the Supreme National Economic Council of Cambodia to give farmers a voice in the strategic design process of the IFAD program in Cambodia.
Cambodia Main-stream-lining climate change into national development planning
CBA7 Interviews Statement made by a representative of the Climate Change Technical Team of the National Climate Change Committee. The Representative from the Ministry of Agriculture explains the latest update on the development of the Cambodia Climate Strategic Plan and integration into the national development plan. The CCSP aims to mainstream climate change in all relevant sectors of development for Cambodia. Climate Resilience is a key component of IFAD interventions in Cambodia.
Seminar On The Launch Of PADEE (English Subtitle)
Seminar On The Launch Of PADEE (English Subtitle) covered by national television of Cambodia TVK - on the current affairs TV Show 'Equity Weekly'.
Cambodia entry for ASEAN Environmentally Sustainable Development Film Festival 2011
Discussion about Climate change and agriculture in Cambodia
This video may be of interest.
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