Cambodia: The Software Solution
How can software help the Cambodian Government become a major global rice exporter by 2015? Take a look at how IFAD and Intel have joined forces to bring expert information about seeds, fertilisers and pests to rural farmers at the touch of a button
Uplifting Farmers - TV Show Trailer
This is a trailer for a tv show made to pilot tv as a channel for farmer education. The pilot mixes education and entertainment, by combining learning with a nationally run farmer competition. This tv series reveals a high potential for normalizing the adoption of new technologies. The pilot gas been successfully presented to role model farmers at the last national competition award ceremony.
Philip Charlesworth iDE - Business minded farmers
In this interview, Philip Charlesworth provides an overview of the current mindset of farmers in Cambodia and provides insights on the ways to address the changing needs of farmers. International Development Entreprises is one of the key partners of the PADEE, Program for Agricultural Development and Economic Empowerement. in this program iDE provides specific extension services to farmers by introducing new business models and trade mechanisms with consultative services to farmers and farmer groups.
Innovation in the context of poverty - Khalid El Harizi - IFAD Cambodia
Interview with Khalid El Harizi on the challenge of innovation in the context of poverty reduction for poor farmers in Cambodia. He uses the analogy of learning how to ride a bicycle and aid effectiveness in the context of rural poverty in the agricultural sector.
Ralph Houtman - FAO - Capitalizing the Poor
In this interview, Ralph Houtman, Regional Marketing and Finance Office explains the shift from farmer lead financial management to outsourced accounting services for the farmer groups of the PADEE
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