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Cambodian premier delivers key speech during IFAD Regional Workshop

This is the subtitled version of a speech made by Cambodia's Prime Minister Hun Sen on December 2nd 2014 in Siem Reap. The speech was delivered at the launch of a regional workshop supported by IFAD Cambodia. The workshop 'Transforming Rural Areas: Strategic Vision for Asia and the Pacific' received a high level visibility and was widely covered in international media. More than 200 rural development experts from Asia and the International Fund for Agriculture attended the event along with high level delegates from IFAD Rome, including Mr. John Murray McIntire, Vice President of the International Fund for Agricultural Development and Ms. Hoonae Kim, Director for Asia and the Pacific Division of the International Fund for Agricultural Development Dr Ouk Rabun, Cambodian Minister of Agriculture was also present at the event. This video clip was filmed, edited and aired by the National Television of Cambodia (TVK). The subtitle version was supported by IFAD Cambodia.
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