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Community-based Finance in Cambodia

Author: Michael Marx and Vannak Vong Chhim


As you may recall, the study "Community-based finance in Cambodia A comparative study of savings and credit models for community development" was directed at the different community-based finance institutions in Cambodia and organized as a peer review of different organizations. These include Care International, Church World Service, Farmer and Nature Net, Oxfam, World Vision, IFAD (through PADEE) and FAO (through MALIS). The study benefited from the support of FAO, IFAD, MAFF and the PADEE PSU.

The study provides deeper insights into the mechanics and approaches of rural savings and credit schemes managed by communities, and provides guidance and lessons on how to apply this in the context of projects, and within the Royal Government of Cambodia. Earlier drafts have been reviewed by all participating institutions and the participants of the field visits, and the most recent draft benefitted from four peer reviewers.

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