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[BOOK] IFAD and Cambodia: 1992-2015

Display Date: 5/30/16

Over two decades ago began the Royal Government of Cambodia’s long standing relationship with the International Fund for Agricultural Development. What began as a small grant to livestock production quickly evolved into a fully integrated programme that extends well beyond agricultural support.

During over 20 years, IFAD has worked relentlessly to improve the living conditions of our nation’s poorest people, while supporting us during post-war reconstruction efforts.

Since 1992, IFAD has invested US$283.7 million in eight rural development projects, benefiting 1,245,300 poor rural households. IFAD’s interventions have focused on the poorest rice-producing provinces of southern Cambodia and around the Tonle Sap, where the majority of farmers live, as well as in the North-East.

IFAD’s unique pro-poor community-driven approach to development has successfully complemented the Government’s own property reduction efforts. As a result of the collective work of the Government and its development partners, poverty rates have declined sharply in the last decade and the Kingdom of Cambodia remarkably succeed in achieving the Millennium Development Goals.


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