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M&E Training Focus on AOS and GPM

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Duong Kim chhean

The Capacity Building of M&E and Gender team have started in January 2012 under support from APMAS who contracted with local NGOs, VBNK and GADC. The main focus area is annual outcome survey and gender process monitoring which is one of the M&E methods that IFAD have suggested project implementing agencies under its support in the Asia and Pacific to carry out annual outcome survey since 2010. Rural Livelihoods Improvement Project received a grant from IFAD.  M&E team of RULIP has limited capacity in the design, data collection, analysis and reporting of annual outcome survey. Local NGOs, VBND and GADC have received contract from AIT under Asian Project Management Support Program, for strengthening M&E Team on annual outcome Survey and Gender Process Monitoring. The approach of using local NGOs for coaching is effective and efficient. The coaching process have started with assisting project staff to review and revised project log frame to reflect the result chain as recommended by MTR mission. Based on log frame and result chain, VBNK and GADC with collaboration of project team designed the survey methodology and developed questionnaire. Then, they organize a first 5-day training workshop including theories and field practices. The objective of training is to increase competencies (practical knowledge) of RULIP field staff on qualitative and quantitative data collection and build competencies (practical knowledge) on data management by introducing the updated software system and gender process monitoring tools.  After training project staff carried out the annual outcome survey with follow-up and coaching of VBNK&GADC. Project staff entered the data into a developed data base. VBND and GADC have organized a second 3-day training workshop from 24 to 26 July 2012 for data analysis  and report writing. During the second training workshop, participants reflected on areas, and lesson learned in which the M&E team extremely focused for the success of annual outcome survey and gender process monitoring as below.

Motivated, Committed and Confident Team


Cascade Training is effective When:

Orientation to CEW/field staff collecting data

Team leader/advisor have skills to provide coaching support

Bring more women into training session

Define and follow consistent and systematic processes including orientation, sampling etc.

Logistic-make sufficient time available (otherwise waste time

Note taking and Data entry

Analysis skills

Skills and confidence to as the right research question, to probe and deal with sensitive issue

clear guideline and tool in data collecting and collating (quantitative and qualitative)

Through this training workshop, participants have learned from the reflection to what area need more improvement and focus,   understand on analysing and interpreting data.  At the end of training participants have scheduled for completed the data analysis and reporting  by 20 August 2012.


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