The Cambodian economy grew impressively over the past decade, helping to reduce poverty by 1 per cent per year. In spite of this considerable progress, Cambodia was hit hard by the global economic recession and experienced negative growth in 2009. The economic growth of the last decade did not equally improve the well-being of the Cambodian people. Cambodia remains one of the poorest countries in the world, with high levels of gender and income inequality. While women constitute

51.5 per cent of the population, 49.4 per cent of the total labour force and 60 per cent of the agricultural workforce, they are underrepresented in economic, social and political spheres. In rural areas, nearly 70 per cent of woman-headed households are poor and vulnerable. In 2008, the surge in food prices increased the number of food-insecure Cambodians by more than 50 per cent to 2.8 million people during the annual lean season.
Click here to read the country factsheet, Enabling the rural poor to overcome poverty in Cambodia.

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