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ICARDA 1107 Progress Report July December 2012

Author: ICARDA Team

As usual a very exciting report from our ICARDA team working in Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Iran on breeding and fiber processing. Developments in Tajikistan have exceeded expectations! We are now in collaborating with the Hyatt Hotel in Dushanbe and, through a well functioning HUB, with companies like Clothroads, Kit Outta teh Box and Peace Fleece that have shown strong interest in marketing the mohair yarn and products. In Kyrgyzstan the new version of chair mats received an Award of Excellence for Handicraft Products from UNESCO. CACSA NGO is planning to develop a "Raw Material Bank" to help supply women groups with quality inputs such as felt, wool, silk and dyes throughout the year thus trying to cope with winter shortage of material. Some more challenges lie ahead from poor infrastructure, harsh weather conditions to rural women difficulties in leading businesses. Agha Khan Foundation will help us develop access to micro-finance in the future. Artisans are becoming highly motivated to succeed in developing sustainable productions and are now used to re-invest their own resources to buy raw materials, participate in fairs, attend trainigs and buy rural machines. Besides "normal" support, the ICARDA team has gone the extra mile and succesful provided information on country laws regarding rangelands and products' taxes. We are now working on developing cooperation with NGOs that could ensure sustainability of farmer and women processing groups. Enjoy the reading! L

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