2017 IFAD Gender Award_Breaking gender barriers in Bangladesh
Gender in the land settlement, Bangladesh Under IFAD-funded Char Development and Settlement Project phase IV (CDSP IV), land titles are allotted to landless families in the joint names of both husband and wife, with women’s name is written first. To date, over 7,000 khatians (land title documents) have been distributed. Impact of land ownership is remarkable because women are more honoured and willing to invest in their newly acquired land which positively affects to agricultural productivity and consequently enhance rural livelihood and income. Apart from the land settlement policy, CDSP IV mainstreams gender to ensure women participation and leadership in all project field-level institutions namely Water Management Groups, Farmer Forums, Social Forestry Groups, Tubewell Users Group and Labour Contracting Societies.
CDSPIV: Land of Our Own
The Char Development and Settlement Project Phase IV (CDSP IV) is the fourth phase in a series of projects that have been developing newly accreted land (chars) in Bangladesh for over two decades. CDSP IV started back in March 2011 and is co-financed by the Government of Bangladesh, the Government of the Netherlands, and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD). The project activities of CDSP IV focus on the development of five new chars: Char Nangulia, Noler Char, Caring Char, Urir Char and Char Ziauddin. These encompass around 30,000 ha, with an estimated population of 155,000 persons in 28,000 households. The activities are divided under six project components: 1. Protection for Climate Change, 2. Climate-resilient Infrastructure, 3. Land Settlement and Titling, 4. Livelihood Support, 5. Field Level Institutions, and 6. Surveys and Studies, Operation and Maintenance. The project will be scaled up with an additional financing during 2019-2021. The project website at https://cdsp.org.bd provides background and up to date progress information on the implementation of the project as it draws towards its completion date in December 2018.
Talkshow on LCS under IFAD funded CCRIP
Independent Television in Bangladesh organized a talk show on Labour Contracting Society (LCS), an initiative to help destitute women in rural Bangladesh under CCRIP project. The programme called Asher Bangladesh (Hope of Bangladesh) was held on 1st July 2017.
PACE launched to provide financial services to 4.52 lakh rural people
The government of Bangladesh and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) signed a US$40 million loan agreement on 11 December, 2014 to provide financial services and technical training to 452,000 rural women and men in rural areas throughout the country.
Launching of 1st market constructed by women under CCRIP
The first market constructed by LCS members, the destitute women, under CCRIP was launched on 23 December, 2015. Boishaki TV covered the event.
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