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IFAD Multi-stakeholder Knowledge Sharing Event


Smallholder farmers are the backbone of rural development and economic growth in Bangladesh -- and the key to ultimately eliminating widespread poverty and hunger. Today, more than ever, smallholder farmers and rural communities need access to information to make their voices heard and change their lives for the better.  However, most rural communities are not only resource-poor, but also information poor. They are seldom involved in policy circles at the national, regional or international levels. This is considered one of the major setbacks to transforming rural areas in an inclusive and sustainable way. The objective of this event is to make communication for development an integral part of rural development policies and programs. By bringing the media along with other stakeholders onboard, the importance of raising awareness, acknowledging the cultural dimensions of rural development and valuing local knowledge, experiential learning, and information sharing will be highlighted. A strong emphasis will also be placed on the active participation of smallholder farmers and other stakeholders in decision-making processes, with the ultimate objective of creating and sustaining a food-secure Bangladesh


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