Microfinance for Marginal and Small Farmers Project
Total cost: US$29.7 million
IFAD loan: US$20.1 million
Duration: 2005-2011
Directly benefiting: 210,000 households

Microfinance and Technical Support Project
Total cost: US$20.2 million
IFAD loan: US$16.3 million
Duration: 2003-2010
Directly benefiting: 276,000 households

Smallholder Agricultural Improvement Project
Total cost: US$25.7 million
IFAD loan: US$18.6 million
Duration: 2000-2007
Directly benefiting: 82,000 households

Aquaculture Development Project
Total cost: US$23.8 million
IFAD loan: US$20.0 million
Duration: 1998-2006
Directly benefiting: 120,000 households

Third Rural Infrastructure Development Project
Total cost: US$178.8 million
IFAD loan: US$11.7 million
Duration: 1998-2004
Directly benefiting: 2,800,000 households

Agricultural Diversification and Intensification Project

Total cost: US$32.4 million
IFAD loan: US$18.9 million
Cofinancing: World Food Programme (US$5.1 million)
Duration: 1997-2004
Directly benefiting: 86,000 households

Small-scale Water Resources Development Sector Project
Total cost: US$66.0 million
IFAD loan: US$10.4 million
Duration: 1996-2002
Directly benefiting: 140,000 households

Employment-Generation Project for the Rural Poor
Total cost: US$21.9 million
IFAD loan: US$14.8 million
Duration: 1995-2001
Directly benefiting: 45,140 households

Netrakona Integrated Agricultural Production and Water Management Project
Total cost: US$13.7 million
IFAD loan: US$8.9 million
Duration: 1994-2000
Directly benefiting: 90,550 households

Special Assistance Project for Cyclone-Affected Rural Households
Total cost: US$20.7 million
IFAD loan: US$15.4 million
Duration: 1992-1999
Directly benefiting: 69,000 households

Smallholder Livestock Development Project
Total cost: US$15.1 million
IFAD loan: US$10.8 million
Duration: 1991-1999
Directly benefiting: 260,000 households

Grameen Bank Phase III Project
Total cost: US$105.7 million
IFAD loan: US$8.0 million
Duration: 1990-1994
Directly benefiting: 500,000 households

Oxbow Lakes Small-Scale Fishermen Project
Total cost: US$11.1 million
IFAD loan: US$7.2 million
Duration: 1989-1997
Directly benefiting: 6,800 households

Marginal and Small Farm Systems Crop Intensification Project
Total cost: US$17.6 million
IFAD loan: US$10.6 million
Duration: 1987-1995
Directly benefiting: 22,700 households

Grameen Bank Project
Total cost: US$50.5 million
IFAD loan: US$23.6 million
Duration: 1985-1989
Directly benefiting: 1,000,000 households

Small-Scale Flood Control, Drainage and Irrigation Project
Total cost: US$14.2 million
IFAD loan: US$11 million
Duration: 1984-1992
Directly benefiting: 30,000 households


North-West Rural Development Project
Total cost: US$55.3 million
IFAD loan: US$14.5 million
Duration: 1983-1991
Directly benefiting: 132,600 households

South-West Rural Development Project
Total cost: US$30.5 million
IFAD loan: US$23.0 million
Duration: 1982-1990
Directly benefiting: 247,000 households

Small Farmer Agricultural Credit Project
Total cost: US$30.2 million
IFAD loan: US$22.5 million
IFAD grant: US$230,000
Duration: 1981-1985
Directly benefiting: 73,000 households

Fertilizer Sector Programme
Total cost: US$36.1 million
IFAD loan: US$25.0 million
Duration: 1980-1985
Directly benefiting: 1,300,000 households

Pabna Irrigation and Rural Development Project
Total cost: US$85.0 million
IFAD loan: US$30.0 million
Duration: 1979-1992
Directly benefiting: 167,000 households

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