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Success Story: Shafali Rani laughing face, combat the poverty

Tale of a brave lady that earned rare feat for her
(Training changes her life)

Shafali Rani hails from a remote sleeping hamlet of Jal Salimpur village of Kalapara Upaziala under Patuakhali district. Poor, illiterate and a housewife Shafali Rani with her four daughters tried somehow to keep body and soul together with the very scanty income of her husband. Her husband is an indigent day labour. The income from the day labour was too meager to meet the expenditure of the 6 member’s family and not enough to keep the wolf from the door. Smitten by woes, worries, cares and anxiety for food, clothing and the bleak future of her kids Shafali Rani faced a boundless uncertainty and frantically tried to find a permanent way out of the conundrum.

While she was passing her days in such a distressing condition Shafali Rani learnt that the regular meeting of the Pravati Mohila Samity of the PMUK is held on every Wednesday at house of her nest—door neighbour Sakina. On learning about the programme of the Samity she evinced a keen interest to enlist herself as a member of the society to change her lot. One day while the meeting was on Shafali Rani came to the venue of the meeting along with another member of the society Shrifa Begum. When she expressed her desire then the field officer in charge Abdul Barek collected information about her desire to become a member, source income of her family, whether she was affiliated or involved with any other organization etc.

Subsequently Shafali Rani was accepted as a member of the society on April, 2008. Through the society Shafali Rani acquired literacy and continued to deposit her savings. After four months elapsed this way Shafali Rani was granted a loan of Taka ten thousands on August 2008. According to a plan chalked out earlier, Shafali Rani bought 200 day old chick and some feed on credit from a dealer of Kalapara. After one and half month of feeding the chicks, she sold the poultry at a higher price with a profit of Taka ten thousands. Within 2 years she reared another 15 batches with a profit of ninety-five thousands taka. In this regard, the Project Coordinator Mr. Munirul Islam and Specialized Trainer Mrs. Chan Rani put their earnest efforts to establish poultry farms and arrange high breed variety for poultry rearing farms.

Since then the lady luck begun to favour her. Frugal in her habit Shafali Rani kept on defraying the expenditures of her family and repaying the loan installments with the income of poultry keeping and begun to save a meager balance she had. After such a struggle for two and half years the indigent family of six saw a ray of hope at the end of the tunnel. Hopes also sprang in the mind of Shafali Rani’s husband who extended his assistance to help her running the enterprise as smoothly as possible than on his part. Thus did in the expectation of a swift change in their lot.

After the satisfactory repayment of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd loan, Shafali Rani applied for the 4th loan on September 2010, she was again provided with a Taka of fifty thousands. “Now I am grateful to PMUK. It gave me Taka fifty thousand. To me it was unthinkable when managing a Taka ten thousands loan is tough. The NGO not only gave me the loan, its official enquired about my work and gave me advice when needed,” she reiterated. With the proper management of business she brought solvency in her family. The training provided by the project has proved invaluable, in particular the Poultry management training including information about where and how to access veterinary drugs. Rani says she appreciates what she has learned from PMUK and urges her children to take advantage of PMUK’s training and financial services.
Shafali Rani got her two little daughters admitted into a school. Thus she saw her dream come true after a bitter struggle. She married her two big daughters in solvent families and she is defraying the educational expenses of her two little kids smoothly. Her family is now free from chill penury she experienced before.

Shafali Rani is the shinning example of a bright success. She has amply proved that it is not that difficult to see the light by overcoming the dark hurdles if financial assistance is added to one’s industry, honesty and single-minded devotion and dedication to work. She is saving and planning to buy a goat in the near future and hopes that her small homestead can become a thriving livestock farm in the future.

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Thanks also for this excellent success story. Its helps us to really understand the way in which the resources provided by IFAD can be used to make a difference in the life of a person who deserves support.

Posted on 4/8/11 11:18 AM.


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