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Learning Route Diary-2


Day -4

On the 4th day of Learning Route, participants went to visit the lone flower market  at Godkhali in Jessore to see the market linkage with farmers very early in the morning. They talked to producers, customers and leaders of the farmer association.

 Later, 50 farmers came to the LR venue to meet the participants. They gave three presentation where they described the history of introduction flower cultivation in the region, changes that taken place over the time and the technologies they have adopted.  Participants asked frequent questions after their presentation and also took part in group discussion.

Before the analysis of case study on ‘Flower Cultivation Value-chain Development  under FEDEC’ in the evening,participants visited Panishara and Jhikargachha  for hands-on experiences and see the real changes in the livelihood of flower farmers in the district. Like the Study on Crab Culture studay, the previous one, they did the SWOT analysis and gave their recommendations for up-scaling this sub-project.

Day -5

The participants spent the final day in developing an action plan based on their lessons from Learning Route. It might be up-scaling a best practice from on-going or juct concluded project, or enhancement of a current activity incorporating value-chain development or a new concept for upcoming project.  Participants presented six action plans at a panel discussion, where discussants, as well as, participants gave their remarks, suggestions and recommendations on the actions plan. Finally the Learning Route concluded with distribution of certificates among the participants. 

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