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Learning Route Diary-1

The first Learning Route on “Scaling up Bangladesh rural development best practices: lessons learned by FEDEC in the development of Value Chains” kicked off in Shatkhira, a Southern district in Bangladesh on 7th September. 25 participants from six IFAD funded projects and Partner Organizations (POs) are taking part in the five-day event organized jointly by PROCASUR and INAFI which is supported by IFAD.

The participants started their journey from Dhaka for Shatkhira on 6th September to see the crab-culture, a successful sub-project under the value chain development component of FEDEC (Finance for Enterprise Development and Employment Creation) project.  

Day -1

The Learning Route began on the 7th September in the morning with team introduction and a brief presentation on the background Learning Route initiative in Bangladesh and its procedure..

The introductory session used an interesting self-assessment methodology where the participants, had to identify the inner animal of them, the natures of an animal they believe similar to their behaviors. They had to mention a tool also to what they can provide to support their team. Thus the wagon of the Learning Route started its journey with full of animals and their tools toward destination of learning best practices of FEDEC, two sub-projects implemented under value chain development component.

The next session was a panel discussion with the project director of FEDEC, Executive Director of  Nawabenki Gonomukhi Foundation (NGF), the PO which implemented Crab Culture Value Chain in Shatkhira and the Deputy Executive Director of Rural Reconstruction Foundation (RRF)  that executed Flower Cultivation Value Chain sub-project in Jessore. in the beginning, FEDEC director gave a brief presentation about the implementing agency PKSF and the project as well. Representative of NGF described the Crab Culture Value Chain activities and representative from RRF gave another presentation on Flower Cultivation Value Chain sub-project. The discussion was followed by question answer sessions, discussants gave answers to the questions of participants. 

The first day concluded with group presentation  on the projects of participants. 


The second day began with the experiences sharing with crab farmers. A group of farmers met the participants and described about how they started crab culture in Shatkhira, how NGF intervened, what was their previous condition and what changes have taken places in their lives now. The participants discussed with them in groups, later went to their homes, observed their farms and markets. They analysised the case study conducted by INAFI-PROCASUR on this issue before. They identified the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of crab-culture in the districts and share among themselves.


The participants headed towards to Jessore for their learning on Flower Cultivation Value Chain sub project of FEDEC. Reaching on the spot participants were  briefed about the Action Plan they have to develop at the end of the Learning Route based on their experiences from this program.

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