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MORDI Program Enters Wrapup Phase

Display Date: 1/12/12

After a journey of 6 years as a regional flagship sustainable livelihoods program in the Pacific, MORDI program is finally coming to an end. Work has started to close the program and consolidate the 6 years of lessons learnt and good practices. MORDI has made a tredentous difference in the lives of the target communities. While the communities are sad at the realisation that MORDI will no longer be there, they are very happy that they have learnt to be more self reliant through the MORDI processes. MORDI will be leaving behind both hardware (projects and public goods) as well as the software (trainings, knowledge and skills) that people can continue to utilise to better their livelihoods.

As MORDI comes to a close in its current regional form, IFAD and in-country MORDI partners are working together on a bilateral deal whereby IFAD will be able to directly engage with each Pacific country. This is being made possible with the help of the IFAD subregional Coordinator for the Pacific Islands - Mr. Sakiusa Tubuna. An indication of initial success has been demonstrated with the bilateral agreement between IFAD and MORDI Tonga Trust. MORDI Tonga will be recieving funds to run MORDI processes in Tonga for the next 4 years to upscale development work nationally using the MORDI model. This gives us a solid hope that the presence and influence of MORDI work will continue in future ensuring sustainability of the processes that we had started 6 years ago.



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