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AUSAID ask MORDI to stocktake capacity building resources from Pacific

Display Date: 11/7/11

MORDI will formally undertake a study with AUSAID to identify and conduct a stocktake on resource materials that are available in the Pacific for capacity building within the CSO sector. The objective is to determine the scope and applicability of capacity building training resources and curricula held within the CSO sector. The compilation of a detailed list will enable AUSAID, other donors, CSOs and CBOs to easily access a database from where they will be able to obtain information on who and what resources are available should a need arise. The broad catergory of materials that will be listed will include:

ò  Organisational Development Strengthening;

ò  Financial Systems Management and Strengthening;

ò  Human Resource Policy Development;

ò  Monitoring and Evaluation;

ò  Community Engagement Processes;

ò  Program Design and Proposal Writing; and

ò  Project Management.

This study will also identify the gaps that exists. The resulting list will encourage the members of the CSO to draw on the expertise of each other to build their own capacity in the above areas. This partnership comes at an important time when MORDI is phasing out. As part of contributing towards the capacity building of the CSO under the MORDI objectives, this is a very timely and important engagement.  


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