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MORDI prepares to exit and evolve

Display Date: 9/11/11

MORDI received US$175, 000 from IFAD in late August to continue program implementation in the Pacific. This is the 3rd and second last funding support from IFAD for MORDI program in its current regional structure. The funds have been disbursed to country partners for them to continue to implement the exit activities in their community. As MORDI program comes to an end at the end of the year, it has opened new doors and possibilities. 

Under the performance based allocation of funds, each member country that has been with MORDI program have a chance to get direct bilateral funding. MORDI Tonga Trust which is an upscale from MORDI program in Tonga to become an independent NGO in Tonga is well underway to securing funds under this new arrangements. A team of program designers are in the country to re-look at MORDI in its current form and to revamp it into a new look program using the lessons learnt and best practices identified in the last 5 years of the program. 

MORDI is proud that its efforts not only have helped over 10,000 in 3 Pacific countries but are also working towards leaving behind sustainable processes and structure in place to continue its work into future. 

As the project is coming to a close, I hope that all the countries will come up with the lessons learnt and the knowledge gained from the project. We hope to have a workshop in Suva around the end of March to discuss all the lessons learnt from MORDI.

Posted on 2/29/12 1:44 PM.

Hi Sakiusa, Did you have this meeting in March? If so could you post any documents that were produced for the meeting? Thanks, Chase

Posted on 8/9/12 10:58 AM in reply to Sakiusa Tubuna.


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