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Certified Seeds and Fertilizers Distributed to 190 Farmers in 19 Farmers Field Schools in Herat Province

Display Date: 7/4/18

Support to National Priority Program 2 (SNaPP2) of Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock has established 19 Farmers Field School (FFS) in Guzara and Injeel districts of Herat province. In these schools, 110 of vegetable growing farmers and 80 livestock holders are covered. These farmers work together in cultivating and harvesting vegetables and making silage from maize and sorghum in irrigated land (totaling 190 jeribs of land).

In order to achieve these goals SNaPP2 program distributed a total of 7,500 kg of DAP, 5780 kg of Urea, 720 kg of maize seed, 160 kg of  sorghum seed, 2.1 kg of cauliflower certified seed, 3 kg of Cabbage leaves certified seed, 120 kilogram carrot certified seeds, and 120 kg of cotton certified seeds to these farmers.

The purpose of FFS is to disseminate the revised varieties, introduce new agricultural practices, modern agricultural and livestock operations, provide quality food for livestock, and ultimately increase farmers ' incomes.

It is worth mentioning that SNaPP2 program supports farmers and livestock owners in the vegetable and forage sectors, providing theoretical and practical training workshops in the field of land preparation and production operations from planting to harvesting and preparation of Silage for feeding animals.


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