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45 Staff Trained on Knowledge Management Activities in Kabul:

Display Date: 4/14/18

Community, Livestock and Agriculture Project of Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation & Livestock – MAIL, funded by IFAD, organized a one day workshop on knowledge management activities for 45 relevant staff in Kabul.

In this workshop, the importance of knowledge management in projects activities, importance of news and success stories and how to prepare news and success stories for the undertaken activities were trained to the participants.

Further, the participants were divided into groups to practically work on provided scenarios, prepare and present their news and success stories to the audiences.

The aim of this workshop is to build the capacity of Knowledge Management focal points from service providers, Logar & prawn provinces and relevant MAIL staff to prepare quality news, success stories and record & document the relevant lessons learned.

It’s to be mentioned that, these workshops will be continuously organized in Herat, Nangrhar and Balkh provinces to the project staff, service providers, beneficiaries and relevant staff of Directorates of Agriculture, Irrigation & Livestock in the mentioned provinces.


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