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RMLSP Prepares its Projects for a Sustainable Exit

Display Date: 6/1/14

The Rural Microfinance and Livestock Support Program (RMLSP) organized a one day workshop on May 28, 2014 with a purpose to describe the concept of exit strategies and prepare a draft exit strategies for sustainable exit of its projects. Participants were representative of the service providers (SPs) MAIL Program, MAIL directorates, beneficiaries, members of cooperatives, and RMLSP PCU staff.

The workshop was opened by Mr. Abdul Latif Zahed, NPD for RMLSP and CLAP, by welcoming the participants and describing the objective of the workshop. Dr. Mohammad Arif Amanyar also spoke about the exit strategy development and motivated the participants to actively participate in the workshop. Subsequently, Dr. Jahangir Miakhail delivered the presentation on exit strategies so that the participants better understand the concept of exit strategies and have fruitful contributions. The participants were, then, divided into specialized working groups on project basis. After discussing the exit strategies in working groups, each of them came up with a draft exit strategy for their projects which was shared and discussed with all of the participants.