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RMLSP Organized a One-Day Workshop to Introduce Sharia Loan Product (Murabeha) in Heart

Display Date: 3/10/14

The Rural Microfinance and Livestock Support Program (RMLSP) organized a one-day workshop for members of cooperatives and women groups to introduce Sharai Loan Product (Murabeha) on February 25th, 2014 in Heart province. This product has been developed by RMLSP in collaboration with MISFA to enhance access of farmers and livestock owners to microfinance services that are compatible with Islamic laws and principles. The product was legalized by obtaining Fatawa from the Islamic Scholars Council of Afghanistan.

Participants of the workshop were local governmental authorities, members of agricultural cooperatives, members of women groups, representatives of RMLSP and MFI. They obtained enough information regarding the product and its conditions of lending. They also expressed their strong need for such loans and promised to use the loans for productive purposes as well as to pay it on time. Representatives of RMLSP and MFI answered questions raised by the participants regarding the product.

Participants thanked Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock (MAIL), RMLSP, and IFAD for designed such development intervention that reaches rural poor and marginal people. 


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