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Potato Harvesting Festival




 Agriculture is back bone of the economy of the Country. Ever since creatures came into being, they have started fulfillments of their requirements form the Cultivation and farming. Bamyan is the central province of Afghanistan famous for major Production of Potatoes in the terrain. It is one of the Major sources of Farmers dependability for self suffiency in terms of earning livelihood.

Today in the green meadows of the Village Baresona farmers were celebrating the Potato Harvesting Festival. Everyone seems to be energized this morning. Governor of the Bamyan was there to wellcome the Mr.ASif Rahimmi head of Ministry of Agriculture Irrigation and Livestock for Afghanistan

Formal Program:

The program started with the recitation of the “Holy Quran”. Participants were from various Governmental and NGOs.

  • Ministry of Agriculture Irrigation and Livestock (MAIL)
  • Ministry of Finance
  • Directorate of Agriculture Irrigation and Livestock(DAIL)
  • Afgha Khan Foundation Bamyan
  • On farm water management Program, Bamyan
  • National Horticulture Program, Bamyan
  • Dutch Committee for Afghanistan 
  • Bamyan Provincial Cooperatives members
  • Bamyan Provincial Shuura Members and Representatives
  • Agriculture Fund for Development (ADF) team ,Kabul
  • Directorate of Women Affairs, Bamyan.
  • Dean of the Bamyan (Agriculture Faculty) University.

Governor of the Bamyan:

                          Mrs.Habiba Sarobi warmly welcomed the guests, and enlightened the role of Potato producers on Bamyan and Afghanistan Economy, Role of the Bamyan Provincial government in the Field of Agriculture and Potato Production and Storage.
 Facts and figures are as follows:

  • Bamyan has 1200 Potato storage houses.
  • Hazard management strategies
  • Quality Seed to improve to improve the Production.
  • Conducting survey for Brucellosis

DAIL Director:  (Engineer Atai)

The facts about the agriculture in the Bamyan has been stated as follows (2013)

  • In Mullah Ghulam Village(Bamyan) a Pack house for Potato is under construction (400 meters Square area)
  • Seed for 500m  Autumn and Spring season has distributed
  • Bamyan has 35 Carrez systems
  • 7000 posters has been distributed for Q-fever
  • 200 animals blood Samples has been taken (Brucellosis)
  • 400 Human being blood samples has been taken (Brucellosis)
  • 1,49006 Animals has been vaccinated
  • 197,800 animal has been deformed
  • 24 Tractors has been Distributed among the farmers (Cooperatives)
  • 112 Million Afghanis cash has been Given to the 44 Cooperatives (microfinance )
  • 80 pack houses has been constructed in Punjab district
  • 300 pipe lines has been fixed  for water supply in Mullah Ghulam Village
  • 6000 Animals has been vaccinated against Brucellosis
  • 25 hector land has been covered by NHLP program
  • Zoonotic Committee has been established in Bamyan in 2013.
  • At the end of the Year we will participate in on the Wheat campaign in Bamyan Prance


Cooperatives President Bamyan Province: (Haq Jo)

Management team has been represented by Mr.Haq Jo
He has mentioned the Following facts and figures:

  • Bamyan has 182 cooperatives units  of male members
  • 5 females’ cooperatives in Bamyan, 2 of them working on potato chips production unit in Punjab.
  •  67 (in 2012 )million Afghanis have been given as a loan to the Cooperatives members
  • Under the supervision of Cooperatives Units we have 1300 Beneficiaries.



  • We need access to the market for Dairy and Agricultural products.
  • We need a pack house or storage house in Kabul(to minimize the production loss)
  • Proper Loan provision system


ADF Repsentatives:

In the last year the the loan that we had provided 65-67 million and this year we will increase it up to 112 million Afghnis

MAIL Minister:

Mr.Asif rahimi has emphasized on the three aspects for better economy

  • Food
  • Agriculture
  • Economy

To improve the above mentioned items we should have the following four important factors under consideration:

  • Water management
  • Micro finance
  • Modern Technology
  • Access to the Market

He encouraged the farmers and realized them that their role in economy, “we are all depending upon your hard work and Cultivation practices” Mr.Asif rahimi Said while addressing to the farmers.

Closing Ceremony:

Mr.Asif rahimi and Bamyan governor has been award with souvenir and Followers and graced with honorary Certificates by the members of the Shurras Heads and cooperatives Representatives 

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