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"Fodder bank is now sustainable animal food supply source for Cooperatives members and village herders in Bamyan Center”


                   Fodder bank development  in the Village “Said Abad”  center of Bamyan province has brought magnificent changes in the the field of  Animals winter feed management .Before the RMLSP-IFAD intervention farmers were  supposed to sale majority of the animal from their herd due to the unavailability of the  animals feed . Despite having a large number of herds, they were unable to get enough production benefits and helpless to strengthen their herds in terms of size.

                  Establishment of the Animals Fodder bank with the help of RMLSP-IFAD (7000 USD) has facilitated the herder for a sustainable and quality fodder supply -round the year to the total 101 members since 2010 with revenue of 35000 AFG in two years.

                One of the Al-Fatha Cooperative member Explains that “I had owned seventy Sheep in the last lambing season, I had sold 50% of them to feed the rest of the livestock. In the past couple of years due to the inadequate access to the animals feed market and overwhelming heavy snow-fall has ruined our our livestock. This year we are ready to tackle such disasters since the establishment of the fodder bank in neighborhood in the Said Abad”

               By providing the animals proper feed has brought several Positive changes in their body conditions improvement like disease resistance, better growth.

 Keeping in view the nutritional requirements of the dairy small and large ruminants Balance diet is the key factor, which has enhanced the productivity.

    Cooperatives President for the Village of Said Abad has stated as follows

   “Fodder bank is now a sustainable feed supply source for members and villagers and Encourage the cooperatives to invest in the livestock and livestock products industry”
                Bamyan is a place with very low grazing areas, Before establishment of the fodder Bank farmers were supposed to stay up in the mountains areas for animals grazing like nomadic peoples, which was risky too, there was threat of animals were being taken off by Wolves or frozen by freezing temperature. Fodder Bank has now consequently decreased in the grazing period and accidental mortality rates.

              “Storage of the feed in damp place proves to be  habitat for the Fungus and microbes to grow, which on the other hand adversely influence the health of Livestock population and causes digestive and nervous tract disorders” Fodder bank prove to be a proper place for feed storage for a  long term.

This is the Place where peoples belong to a lower class, miserable family conditions where peoples are getting major part of livelihood from livestock, efficiently acquire of livelihood wouldn’t be possible without the help of  RMLSP-IFAD.  Those farmers who came with the economic constrains has now got solution to get rid of the problem and seek help. One of the Cooperatives member states that

                                “Now we could borrow the animals feed like Barley, Wheat straw and Total Mix Ration. We get incentives while buying the feed from the Fodder bank that is 10% off for the members, which has shown us way to save our travelling expenditure from being wasted”.

                                Said Abad Village Cooperatives members have expressed their appreciation on the behalf of the Village herders for Development of Fodder bank and Livestock support program.

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Dear Baber Khan,

RMLSP would like to compile all success stories in the form of a book. Also we want to share these stories on H.E. minister's Facebook Page. So please kindly send your success stories to me at: or

Best Regards,

Najibullah Hassanzoy

Posted on 1/4/14 9:32 AM.

that would be great.
thank you.

Posted on 1/4/14 10:52 AM in reply to Najibullah Hassanzoy.

Dear Babar khan Ahmadzai
Indeed it is very nice success story on fodder bank, Mr. Babar I really like this type of success story for the reason that now I well-read the endeavor and magnitude of the fodder bank, and how greatly it facilitate to herder in animal feeding and shepherd size extending .
Hameedullah Momand
M&E Officer

Posted on 1/12/14 7:16 AM.

I have just tried to curtail the prospect over here.Fodder bank is the only source with prolong and sustainable animals feed supply,as you have seen as you have visited Bamyan e.g Deh Surkh Village in Yakawalang District.I am glad that RMLSP doing this.thanks for spending your valuable time to read it.

Posted on 1/12/14 10:26 AM in reply to Hameed khan Momand.


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