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Afghanistan – Success Story of Mrs. Anees Gull from Livestock Development Project:

Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation & Livestock (MAIL) through IFAD funded Program (SNaPP2)’s livestock sub-project trained livestock holders in Balkh Province. As a result, the economy of poor rural women has been positively changed & their economy improved. For instance, we narrate the success story of one of the poorest beneficiaries as bellow:

Mrs. Anees Gull is 45 years old. She is one of the beneficiaries of SNaPP2 program, dairy products development project in NawAbad village of Dehdadi district of Balkh province. She has 8 children and since one year SNaPP2 targeted her village.

She had problems in keeping and growing animals. She had a homespun cow which produced 4 liter milk. When dairy products development project covered her village, she received training on taking care of animals, correction and improvement of shed (stable), animal’s health, method of milk collection, breeding and fodder preparation. Additionally, she received shed improvement and milk collection tool kits which improved her business. Finally, she took a loan from one of her relatives and bought a cross breed cow.

Now she has 2 cows which produce 16 liter milk per day and delivers it to the Milk Collection Center which has been established by support of SNaPP2 nearby in her village. She earns 2128 Afghanis (31.3$) from milk production weekly & her monthly income is 9120 Afghanis (134.12$). Further, she has a calf now which is produced as a result of Artificial Insemination Method.

Mrs. Anees Gull has special interests in livestock development and she likes to improve quantity of her cows to produce more milk which help her to support her family, thereby improving her household’s economy.

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