Interview with Dr. Trieu Van Hung, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Vietnam at CBA6
This interview was given during CBA6, a Community Based Adaptation Event in Viet Nam.
TED Talk: Daniel Pink on Motivation, and Left and Right Brain thinking
American career analyst Dan Pink examines the puzzle of motivation, starting with a fact that social scientists know but most managers don't: Traditional rewards aren't always as effective as we think.
IFRPRI - IFAD 29 March 2012 Meeting on RIMS+ impact evaluation
This is the full length video of the meeting held on 29 March 2012 between partners in Ha Noi (including DEPOCEN, IFAD and IFRPRI) and in Rome to discuss the recent work they did together on using a RIMS+ approach to impact evalution. For the ppt slides only, please see the IFADAsia Resource Library.
Excerpt from Gaps, Errors and Ways Forward lecture by Robert Chambers
This video is a brief comment on the Paris Declaration made by Robert Chambers in the context of a longer lecture entitled Gaps, Errors and Ways Forward. It was delivered on 23 January 2012 and sponsored by HIVOS and IKM Emergent. More about the lecture can be found at , of which Sarah Cummings is one of the authors. Chamber's lecture was part of a two-day seminar on The State of the Art of Knowledge Integration Across Boundaries. As usual Chambers gives much food for thought in this and the other excerpts that you can find by going to the wordpress blog on the event,
Simple instruction video for composting in the Pacific
This well crafted instruction video gives easy-to-follow instructions for Pacific Islanders wanting to make compost quickly. Also from a knowledge sharing perspective, this is a really good example of videography demonstrating a technique.
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