Open Knowledge, Open Governance, Open Development: Sanjay Pradhan's TED talk
World Bank Institute Vice President Sanjay Pradhan speaking at the TED Global conference in Edinburgh, Scotland on Open Development. TED features "Ideas Worth Spreading" and this year's global conference focused on "Radical Openness." This was an opportunity to highlight how the traditional development paradigm is opening up in dramatic ways that allows us to achieve stronger development results. Sanjay's talk highlights how the Bank is working to open up aid, increase transparency and empower citizens, and connect country practitioners to innovative solutions globally.
Why Poverty? Solar Engineers from Rajasthan's Barefoot College
This video is a short promotional video for a film that has been commissioned on the Barefoot College in India through the Why Poverty? project.
Smallholders, agricultural technology and links to private sector
In this interview with Carlos Sere the IFAD Chief Development Strategist, made by Farming First, Sere makes some basic points about the needs of smallholder farmers. He also sites an interesting IFAD-financed activity with smallholder palm oil producers on an island in Lake Victoria Uganda, connecting them to larger private sector operators in the palm oil indistry.
A Penny Saved - video on remittances from The Philippines
More than 10 million overseas Filipino workers send money home to family members each year. But little of that money is actually saved or invested. Now, a financial literacy training programme, targeted at migrant workers and their families, is helping to change that. Lily Bruhl receives remittance money every month from her husband. After attending the training, she decided to invest this money and now she has built a thriving business. She hopes that this more sustainable income will mean that her husband will soon be able to return home.
Jennings explains the 70:20:10 Learning guidelines
Very interesting video. What do you think? Does this apply to our rural reality? Are our organizations using the 70:20:10 learning guidelines?
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