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Farmers' innovations from Vietnam: high quality coffee & tea, green bean cake
The Vietnam Farmers' Union (VNFU) has a lot of products which are exported to more than 100 countries. There is coffee from the Central Highlands. It is very delicious and has very high quality. It uses the trademark Trung Nguyen. There is tea is made by a farmers' group with high capacity for packaging and marketing. It is from Thai Nguyen province in the north of Vietnam. There is another kind of tea that is packed simpler and is priced lower. But it is also of high quality and also comes from Thai Nguyen. Another product is green bean cake from Hai Duong province. It is a traditional food that meets high quality standards. It is made of green beans, sugar, and a little bit of oil. There is also a sweet made of coconut and jackfruit that come from the south. There are also many kinds of traditional seeds like cabbage, green beans, black beans and peanuts. VNFU also produces a lot of newspapers and magazines for farmers that are printed monthly. There are other innovations like improving fruit production, transplanting machines for rice, and using rice straw for mushroom cultivation.
Farmers' innovations from Japan: organic products, traditional food
Hiromitsu Iio is a young farmer from Japan. He is a Board member of the Japanese organic farmers association called AINOUKAI. He has several innovative products from the things he grows on his farm. One is organic mosquito repellent made from a certain type of flower. It comes as a coil that you burn or liquid solution that you spray. Another is organic candy from a certain kind of strong mint that he also grows. Still another product is soy sauce and miso made from beans through a traditional process that takes about two years. He promotes traditional food like these through workshops as many people have already forgotten how to make them. Lastly, he also produces dried vegetables without using any machines and simply by drying them under the sun. He has to be careful that they do not get wet so that they retain their sweetness and light color.
Innovation in Rural Engineering
The youth and community members of Mirphung Village in Dima Hasao district of Assam took up the challenge of constructing a minor irrigation canal in a sloppy hill. The transportation of construction materials from the village to the site was a very difficult task because of the sloppy terrain. The youth and the communities got together and came up with an innovative technique by transporting the materials through a bamboo track and wooden push carts and the further transporting down through rope way- made from locally available materials. The whole concept worked well and the minor irrigation canal was completed, which has further motivated the youth and communities to work together for the sustainable development of their village and community
MTCP2: Views from farmer organizations in Southeast Asia
Sophal Uon, Chairperson of AFA, talks about what the MTCP2 means for farmers and farmer organizations in Southeast Asia (22 November 2013, Bangkok, Thailand)
SEWA's Rural Distribution Network (RUDI)
“The idea of setting up the Rural Distribution Network is to internally rotate the scarce funds of the rural producers in a way that fetches maximum benefit and brings about positive changes in their lives and to provide multi-user facilities, reduce incidental expenses and build-up an integrated value chain in order to enhance the efficiency of agricultural activities, to reduce the hardships of the producers, processors and to create multiple employment opportunities and an efficient supply of agro-products to rural members” Click here for more information:
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