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Transforming Rural Asia and the Pacific
Inspiring! The Boy who Harnessed the Wind
I'm sure many of you have seen this when it first came out, but I only saw it today, thanks to my colleague Rima Alcadi. It's really inspiring to hear about this young boy who taught himself to build an electricity generating windmil for his parents' home in Malawi.
Cambodia: the software solution
How can software help the Cambodian Government become a major global rice exporter by 2015? Take a look at how IFAD and Intel have joined forces to bring expert information about seeds, fertilisers and pests to rural farmers at the touch of a button.
The Medium Term Cooperation Program Phase 2
A short video introducing the program
Fiji: Participatory Guarantee System for certification of outputs
This video shows the Participatory Guarantee System developped by POETCom as it is being applied with papaya growers in Sabeto, Fiji
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