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Innovative Approaches to Rural Data Management
This is a video of an IFAD event focusing upon innovative approaches to data management. Be warned - it's 2 hours 36 minutes long!
Working with the private sector to deliver micro health insurance in Pakistan
Asher Hasan of Naya Jeevan explains how his organisation delivers micro-healt insurance to low income beneficiaries in Pakistan and some of the challenges that they face.
apparently, people are getting benefits from SAFWCO through its implementations and policy procedures. the people who were not able to understand or recognize the abilities inside them now become able to understand and recognize self-actualization, innovation of ideas plus determination for the successes. moreover they have achieved their stander and moving toward the developments with easy patron.
SAFWCO interventions in rural communities
Rain water halted overall progresses of developments in backward areas, people have not such facilities due lack of interventions of governmental sectors, their apathetic attitude devalues their existence. flooded water created a lot of complexity for cultivation which discard their efforts... must watch. how poor play the game. or game plays them.
From Poppies to Saffron Farming
This video is about how farmers are switching from poppy cultivation to farm saffron.
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