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Changing Attitudes
The people from the remote Diamer District in northern Pakistan have always been conservative, religious and suspicious of outsiders. A few years ago, there was only 9% literacy, women couldn't earn their own incomes and people were open to extremist ideas. Now all that has changed. Although it was initially violently resisted, a poverty alleviation project initiated by the UN's International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), has now changed people's attitudes, making them resist extremist ideologies.
Women Farmer Leaders as Agents of Change
Crops for the future: Ganesh Thapa introduces the APR side event at the IFAD GC
The APR side event of the 35th IFAD Governing Council was held on 22nd February, and was held jointly with NEN (Near East and North Africa) Division. With a particular focus on the challenges of the two regions to adapt crop cultivation in the context of climate change, participants debated how advances in science and research could help smallholders enhance their adaptive capacity. The event was introduced by Dr. Ganesh Thapa, APR's Regional Economist.
IFAD's president talks about his hopes for the 2012 IFADGC event
IFAD's President, Kanayo Nwanze, talks about his sense of anticipation in advance of the 35th IFAD Governing Council, and his hope that this event will continue to build upon the successes of the previous GCs, and also the 2011 Sharefair.
Knowledge Creation with Creative Problem Solving
Andy Burnett of KnowInnovation talks to IFADAsia about Creative Problem Solving, how it is being used in the Cambodia COSOP review workshop, and generally about how it fits within the sphere of knowledge sharing.
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