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MPOWER Jodhpr (Raj)
Can the efficacy of poverty erradication projects be tested?
Can efforts to alleviate poverty be helped by applying scientific method? Esther Duflo suggests applying to poverty eradication projects the same methodologies used to test the efficacy of drugs in addressing health issues. She looks at close-to-home issues: household behavior, education, access to finance and health.
A farmer voice on leasehold forestry in Nepal
A farmer who has received at least forage grasses and firewood from the forest land leased for 40 years from the government in Nepal. It has reduced their time to collect firewood and forage; earlier it used to take more than one hour. They are very happy to be a member of a group formed for leasehold forest management through Leasehold Forestry and Livestock Programme. The video clip was taken by Mr. Pashupati Koriala though a Flip Cam voice collection project.
ILRI's Alan Duncan on harmonizing KM and research
Alan Duncan of the International Livestock Research Institute in Addis Ababa Ethiopia talks to USAID's Agrilinks to discuss his perspectives on ILRI's KM strategy and how it has changed his personal outlook on research and reporting out to his key stakeholders.
This video may be of interest.
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