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The competition: methods on management and utilization of agricultural machines - “The best practices, receive machines instantly” has helped villagers enhance their awareness on utilization of support from government, project and other organizations. The competition has also selected good management methods for three kinds of agricultural machines, including: conjugate threshing machines, paddy harvesters and versatile tillage machines.
Lao entry for the ASEAN Environmentally Sustainable Development Film Festival 2011
The ASEAN Environmentally Sustainable Development Film Festival 2011 - “Change the Climate Change” - called for film makers in the region to make short movies on this theme. The films were made by the filmmakers themselves with no financial assistance from ASEAN! If you have time to watch only one please see the one from Lao PDR – it’s brilliant!
The fundamental role of dairy cooperatives in stabilizing communities
Based on our project in Jalalabad, Afghanistan
Bio-Briquette Technology, Introduced by ICIMOD
This video shows how a gender-sensitive technology to protect the environemnt was introduced by ICIMOD in Nepal.
MPOWER Jodhpr (Raj)
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