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Gus Le Breton speaks about upgrading value chains at the NUS 2013 conference.
Neglected and Underutilized species (NUS) are crop species that require much less input from farmers. NUS crops compared to mainstream crops make it easier for farmers, especially in dry land areas in Africa. Gus Le Breton explains that "Historically there hasn't been much of a market for them and the challenge for us is to try to turn these into marketable products, where farmers can grow them and know that in the process of doing so, they can actually earn a living as well as maintain a good nutrition and health."
Can the efficacy of poverty erradication projects be tested?
Can efforts to alleviate poverty be helped by applying scientific method? Esther Duflo suggests applying to poverty eradication projects the same methodologies used to test the efficacy of drugs in addressing health issues. She looks at close-to-home issues: household behavior, education, access to finance and health.
IFRPRI - IFAD 29 March 2012 Meeting on RIMS+ impact evaluation
This is the full length video of the meeting held on 29 March 2012 between partners in Ha Noi (including DEPOCEN, IFAD and IFRPRI) and in Rome to discuss the recent work they did together on using a RIMS+ approach to impact evalution. For the ppt slides only, please see the IFADAsia Resource Library.
Prawn farming success story in Quang Binh province
A documentary about an IFAD Vietnam project in Quang Binh province. It focuses on poverty reduction amongst the rural poor people of this area. For English subtitles, click "CC" at bottom right of player. Dự án IFAD Quảng Bình xóa đói giảm nghèo 2010.