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MTCP2: Views from farmer organizations in the Pacific

Kyle Stice, Managing Director of PIFON, talks about what the MTCP2 means for farmers and farmer organizations in the Pacific (22 November 2013, Bangkok, Thailand) "The Pacific is very excited to be part of MTCP2. We have already elected 5 national implementing agencies. We will be working in Samoa, Vanuatu, Tonga, Fiji, and the Solomon Islands. "Our countries have already identified activities that are in line with the objectives of MTCP2 and we are excited to get things happening on the ground, as well as on the regional level, with our network. "For PIFON, some of the specific activities that we will be looking at over these 3-year MTCP project is focusing on farmer-to-farmer exchanges, transfer of information, whether it be about farming, whether it be about your farmer organization, between the members. "A lot of our member organizations have been very successful in helping small farmers link up to markets. We are hoping to take up some of these success stories and share them around the Pacific, so that more of our farmer organizations can help rural farmers take advantage of these opportunities."
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