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Su Kahumbu TED talk about iCow: Mobile tech spreads seeds of information to farmers

Su Kahumbu is an agriculturist and social entrepreneur who created iCow, an app that spreads seeds of information via text to farmers seeking bountiful and sustainable harvests. For me, one of the most powerful messages is that after seven months using the iCow services, farmers with an average of three cows were producing an increased amount of milk equivalent with their having a whole extra cow!
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Su came to the IFAD Share Fair in September 2011 like many others to share a new idea. Here, yes than a year later TED talent scouts picked her up, proof that good ideas travel quickly.

Posted on 1/18/13 6:23 PM.

I think that it's a really interesting idea. We need to look more at using mobile technology in IFAD projects in general, and understanding its potential more.

Posted on 1/21/13 8:03 AM in reply to Chase Palmeri.