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Systematic Wheat Intensification in Rajasthan-INDIA

This video provides an overview of the livelihood interventions and their outcomes of the IFAD funded Mitigating Poverty in Western Rajasthan (MPOWER-Rajasthan). Through interview, this video provides a example of how rural poor have benefited from the Program. In Aburoad block of Sirohi district.through our FNGO Pradan,we carried out SWI demonstrations under MPOWER. •Objectives is to demonstrate in 150 farmer’s field -Productivity enhancement of wheat adopting new method (SWI) -Introducing Vegetable cultivation with advance practice -Grooming Local Resource persons to support farmers- To disseminate knowledge and skill to scale up advance practice of vegetable and wheat farming for next year. The selection of crop based on these criteria. 1. SWI (Systematic Wheat Intensification) – Major Rabi crop, food sufficiency, low cost, suitable soil. Proposed area of this activity is 20 decimal of land. 2. Cash Crop – Tomato Cultivation – Cash return, low cost, suitable land. Proposed area of this activity is 3 decimal of land.
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