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Cambodia Country Strategy and Programme Evaluation - National Workshop

Display Date: 1/16/18

Cambodia Country Strategy and Programme Evaluation - National Workshop

The Ministry of Economy and Finance of the Royal Government of Cambodia and the Independent Office of Evaluation of IFAD are co-organizing a national workshop on the Country Strategy and Programme Evaluation - in collaboration with IFAD’s Asia and the Pacific Division.

The workshop will take place on 24 January 2018, in Phnom Penhand will bring the participation of representatives from the Government of Cambodia, IFAD staff (including IOE), multilateral and bilateral development organizations, project management staff of IFAD-funded projects and programmes covered by the evaluation, academics and research institutions, private sector and foundations, non-governmental organizations, and selected resource persons.

The main objectives of the workshop are to discuss the main findings, recommendations and issues emerging from the evaluation and to jointly reflect on the way forward for the IFAD-Government partnership.

Read more: https://www.ifad.org/evaluation/event/tags/cambodia/y2018/50241918