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The ROUTASIA Newsletter - January to June 2016

Display Date: 4/27/16


It is a pleasure to greet you and share the latest of ROUTASIA´s Newsletter.2016 -2020 marks a decisive period for the future of PROCASUR in the Asia-Pacific. New partners, solutions and territories are extending our scope and responsibilities, as we enter our fourth year in the region hand in hand with IFAD.

What’s in the Newsletter? ROUTASIA is reaching farther and deeper in both the South Asia and Southeast Asia clusters. Here some teasers on the newsletter

South Asia Cluster: IFAD, the HILIP Project and INAFI Bangladesh recently concluded a Route on Value Chain Development in climate change vulnerable territories. Also in Bangladesh, ALRD has trained several women groups in savings and household gardening as part of the Innovation Plan result of their exchange with Nepal.

In Nepal two Learning Routes are under way. With NACCFL as partner, the first one focuses on Rural Youth and Ethnic Groups inclusion in the Agri. Coop system. The second Route is organized with the IFAD supported HVAP Project and will showcase Off Season Vegetables VCD best practices.

South East Asia Cluster: At a sub-regional level and in cooperation with the MTCP2 and AFOSP projects, the ASEAN Learning Route on Agricultural Cooperatives brought together 30 decision makers from the farmer and government sectors. They learned directly from Philippines and Thailand today´s challenges and opportunities that the ASEAN Economic Community brings to for small famers.

In Cambodia, PADEE-PROCASUR flagship “Community Learning Centers” project has becomes part of the MAFF extension services toolkit; the contraction of farmers as services providers has shown to be sustainable and appropriate for the country context.

The intense exchange between Mekong countries continues with on Learning Route on Rural Microfinance Innovation organized for Vietnam with Cambodia as host.

This Newsletter brings you the highlights of the six last months of operations. Enjoy the reading.

You may download and share the newsletter by following this link: http://goo.gl/HZcILm