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Indigenous People

Content related to: indigenous people, traditional societies and tribal groups including tribal development activities, empowerment, livelihoods and community development programmes.
Indigenous peoples are communities and nations who claim a historical continuity and cultural affinity with societies predating the formation of modern political states.

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The Indigenous World 2014

Author: International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs


Each year the International Work Group on Indigenous Affairs issues a report on the state of indigeous affaairs worrldwide. It contains voluntary up to date country status reports from indigenous people and advocates on the conditions and issues of indigenous people. This is a unique resource book that can be useful to development practitioners in all sectors for planning investments and activities in collaboration with governments and intended beneficiaries.

You can access the report directly from the IWGIA website by clicking here.

This year the report contains reports from 58 countries, including 17 from the Asia and Pacific region, as well as reports from 15 international events of on-going processes that address the needs and conditions of indigenous people. Among the most central issues in this year's report are those related to land rights, land use, natural resource management and human rights. As these recurrent and central issues are critical to IFAD and its work in many partner countries, the yearbook is a very useful resource for informing the development of country strategies, the design of investment projects and the conduct of policy dialogues with national stakeholders..

The report also contains reflections on indigenous peoples’ path towards the World Conference on Indigenous Peoples, their participation in climate change negotiations, engagement with the Post 2015 Development Agenda, and their local struggles for the implementation of their right to development with free, prior and informed consent, among many other issues of importance in 2013.

The work of the IWGIA is support with financial resources by the governments of Denmark and Norway.

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Development Themes: Indigenous People
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